Bullying – What is the evidence?


  BULLYING – WHAT DOES THE EVIDENCE SAY? Bullying can be defined as a subcategory of interpersonal aggression characterized by intentionality, repetition, and an imbalance of power, often with the element of abuse of power being a primary distinction between bullying and other forms of aggression (Smith & Morita, 1999; Vaillancourt, Hymel, & McDougall, 2003).…

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Why does therapy cost so much?

Occupational Therapy

TOPIC: Why does therapy cost so much? WHAT: Therapy is expensive! Depending on your child’s needs and who you see for how long, it can add up. Therapy is denfined as “treatment to relieve or heal a disorder”. When we talk about therapy at LHA we are normally referring to Occupational Therapy, Speech Language Pathology,…

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Why do Therapists give me home programs?


TOPIC: Why are therapists family focused? Why do we have to be involved? Why are they giving me home programs? WHAT: Therapists talk about being “family centered” or “family focused” all the time. What does it mean? Why are therapists family focused? And why do I keep getting homework from my therapist? I thought going…

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When to ask for help?


TOPIC: When to ask for help?   WHAT: It can be hard to know what is ‘typical’ for children and what is ‘expected’ and ‘unexpected’. How are parents meant to know when something isn’t ‘normal’? Of course there is no hard and fast rule though there are some tips that might help. HOW: Have regular…

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