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Mobility; why is it important? How do we support children to develop their skills to gain mobility? How do we find the best equipment to support them grow and develop?

Mobility is a skill and something that every person is entitled to. It does not just include walking, it can include wheelchairs, crawling, rolling, climbing and anyway we move!

Some kids need more help than others to become mobile!

Sometimes it is not just mobility we need help with, it can be a modified knife and fork for eating, handles to keep us safe in the bathroom or switches to help us communicate.

Some more information on Mobility and Equipment is listed below.  

gross motor


Firefly is at the leading edge of equipment to help kids that might need some more support! 

Their equipment is trendy and cool looking and they are pushing for accessibly across the community by promoting their Go-To-Seats in lots of supermarkets!

The Ability Superstore

This is an English website but has a great range covering everything from Wheelchairs to shopping trolly modifications! It is a great one to be aware of to see what is available out there!! 

Push Mobility

This website is specific to wheelchairs and mobility! It has great options including beach access and different automatic attachments for wheelchairs! 

For the older adolescents and adults on our site, there is also some adults only equipment focused on providing a safe position for an inclusive sexual experience.

Special Needs Solutions

A great website with lot of paediatric equipment! They are one of the only providers of FireFly in Australia. There is a great range for schools, clinics as well as families!! They also have great consultants that we have worked with; Tiffany is passionate and works incredibly hard!

Independent Living Specialists

A great website to be aware of, these guys have a great range of equipment as well as servicing and maintaining equipment. They also provide a great range of training and education!