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Visuals – why we love them (and the evidence)

By Tara Whiteford | February 15, 2018

VISUALS  This month the review of the evidence is all about our favourite resource in the world – VISUALS!! RESEARCH  There is a large body of evidence linking cognitive and physical disabilities with externalising problematic behaviours (Visser et al., 2015; Artemyeva, 2016; Giltaij, Sterkenburg & Schuengel, 2015; Poppes et al.,…

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Relaxation – What is the evidence?

By Tara Whiteford | December 15, 2017

RELAXATION  This month the review of the evidence is all about something to follow on from the bullying update – Relaxation. RESEARCH All children worry. Researchers have suggested that this worry is in part due to the fact that childhood is full of “firsts”, doing a lot of things for…

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Why are therapists family focused?

By Tara Whiteford | November 16, 2017

TOPIC: Why are therapists family focused? Why do we have to be involved? WHAT: Therapists talk about being “family centered” or “family focused” all the time. What does it mean? Why are therapists family focused?   WHY: We know that children learn the best off their parents. That is because…

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