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What is a Whole Class Approach?

By Tara Whiteford | September 15, 2017

TOPIC: What is a Whole Class Approach? Why do therapists talk about it so much? WHAT: Being a teacher in this day and age is hard! There are so many expectations and deadlines and benchmarks to meet, all while trying to nurture and teach the next generation. A big part…

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Why does therapy cost so much?

By Tara Whiteford | June 15, 2017

TOPIC: Why does therapy cost so much? WHAT: Therapy is expensive! Depending on your child’s needs and who you see for how long, it can add up. Therapy is denfined as “treatment to relieve or heal a disorder”. When we talk about therapy at LHA we are normally referring to…

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Why do Therapists give me home programs?

By Tara Whiteford | May 15, 2017

TOPIC: Why are therapists family focused? Do we have to be involved? Are home programs that important? WHAT: Therapists talk about being “family centered” or “family focused” all the time. What does it mean? Why are therapists family focused? And why do I keep getting homework from my therapist? I…

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