Professional Development! How do we get our hours up? What are the best resources we can be accessing? 

Accessing Professional development can be tricky, getting to major centres is expensive and having to choose the courses you want to do and which ones to let slide.

We have created a list of some of the free and low cost training we know of, but please let us know if you know about more - especially those that are specific to your profession!! 

Some more information on Professional Development and Training is listed below.  

Education and schooling

Occupational Therapy.com

This website has a membership model where you pay a fee and then have access to everything for a year! They also have a Physio and audiology version too! 


A great website to be aware of - lots of great courses that you can do through various universities! 


We have done a few courses on here - the Neuro anatomy courses are great! Again a great resource and choices between paid (with a certificate) and free (without) courses.  

British Dyslexia Association 

A great website with lots of training specifically related to those living with Dyslexia! 

Star Institute - Lucy Miller

We love love love Lucy and her teams work!! Dream would be to complete the full Mentorship!! In the mean time the online training is amazing, it is not free but the quality and information is second to none! A great website for anyone working with children with any disorder that impacts their sensory system (hint: all of them!)