Liena – Hope for Boro Village


Whilst in Botswana, we met a young girl named Leina. Leina is 3 years old who lives in a small village in the Okavango Delta with her parents, grandparents and siblings. She was initially introduced to us as “the disabled child of the village” as she was unable to walk due to what appeared to…

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How we choose the websites we feature….

Today we explain in more detail how and why we chose the websites we have listed in our resource library. Topic How we choose the websites we feature…. Why: It is important for us to be transparent about how we are choosing our websites – it’s also important for our community to know how we…

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Our How and Why – The Reasons Behind an Online Library

Topic: The reasons behind an online library – Why Look Hear Australia? Today we interview Tara, the founder of LHA, about how and why she started the business with her husband Tim. Why did you start LHA? I wanted it to be a long-term resource that I could use for my therapy; to make it easy.…

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