Bullying is not okay! 

But how do you know when it is bullying, rather than someone just being rude or disagreeing with you? How do you deal with a bully? What if you are doing the bullying?

Bullying can be challenging to work on and explain to kids.

Information on Bullying is listed below.  


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Stop Bullying

This website is a government run site that helps parents and professionals develop ways to talk to and help kids understand bullying. Great info about what bullying is, cyper bullying, how to help and how to prevent bulling.

National Centre for Action Against Bullying

This website has lots of awesome resources for children, parents and professionals about bullying. This is an initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

Kids Helpline 

This website that has lots of resources for children and educators about how to manage bulling. Includes lots of preventative information as well!

Bullying - No Way 

Another great government website! Contains loads of classroom resrouces and information on the Safer Schools Framework.

Bully Blocking

Another great website with an accompanying book for purchase.  Includes a great list of futher links that you might find helpful!!

Friendly Schools 

A great website with lots resources about how to make schools inclusive. There are also a range of bullying resources as well! 

Random Acts of Kindness

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation believes that the world will be a significantly better place if we encourage the spread of kindness in schools, communities and homes. The site contains useful information on inclusion.

Anti-Bullying Network

Another useful website. This UK based site has a range of links to other sites that provide information about bullying.

Reach Out 

Reach Out is a site designed for teens and young adults to assist them deal with bullying. Lots of great resources and information, not just about bullying but also mental health.

Beyond Blue 

We love how easy to read Beyond Blue is and they have wonderful factsheets, as well as good information about cyber bullying.

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