Eating is another tricky skill for children to learn! There are big eaters, little eaters and fussy eaters! 

Eating can be a cause of stress for families, and an area that can be sensitive, as everyone has different values around eating and meal times. This is an important area to support and listen to families. 

For parents - with anything to do with eating we recommend talking to your Speech Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist.

Information on Eating is listed below.  


Ready to find out more?

We have an easy one page sensory sheet (working out if the what the food looks like, feels like etc) - take a look, it might be helpful for you!

Jasper McFlee Will Not Eat His Tea

This book goes through the world of Jasper and his refusal to eat anything but pasta. It outlines how Jasper, who won't eat his dinner, becomes weaker and thinner and sicker and sadder. This book addresses with good humour an issue that plagues many families at meal time - the curse of the picky eater.

Deceptively Delicious 

Normally we don't suggest "hiding" vegetables within food, as sometimes this can further impact any food aversions children may have. However each family has their own choice and this is a great book if they prefer to go down that track. One to be aware of!!

Today I Ate a Rainbow 

The aim of "Today I Ate a Rainbow" is to have a chart where children can track what they are eating! It is super fun and a great resource! This is a link to a blog as the website is currently down. Will update when the website is back online!


This website has a variety of resources for those living with a disability. This is the link to their nutritional page.

Raising Children's Network 

This is a link to the Raising Children's network food information page!! Lots of great tips!!

Eating a Rainbow - South Australian Govt

SA Health has created a wonderful and helpful page of PDF resources to help teachers and parents develop an understanding of eating a health diet. These include certificates, linking to early years frameworks, lists of books and much much more!!!