How do we best support our families?

It is a hard question to answer! We have put together some parenting and family based programs that may help.

Information on Families and Parenting is listed below.  


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This blog post is titled "Why are therapists family focused?"

Empowered Autism Parenting 

This book gives mothers and fathers, caregivers, and teachers the information they need to recognize the unique personality, passions, and intellect in a child with autism, thereby liberating them from today's culture of fear. It describes how the conventional incentive and reward systems send the wrong message to kids with autism and just don't work. This book offers a sensible ten-step guide for enriching relationships with kids with autism through the belief in their essential competence.

Developmental Occupational Therapy (WA)

A great website to be aware of - lots of great OT information as well and AWESOME information sheets on play and how to engage children with lovely pictures! A personal favourite and an inspriation for easy, accessible information! 

Family Goal Setting Tool 

A great tool - one that I use every session with parents as a VISUAL (see what I did there?) to help sort out goals for their children. Judy Jones has a wealth of knowledge and is a true OT!!  Another personal favourite and an inspriation for easy, accessible information!

Look Me in The Eye 

Look Me In The Eye is a moving and blackly funny story of growing up with Asperger's syndrome at a time when the diagnosis didn't even exist. A born storyteller, Robison takes us inside the head of a boy whom teachers and other adults regarded as defective and who still has a peculiar aversion to using people's given names (he calls his wife Unit Two). He also provides a fascinating angle on the younger brother he left at the mercy of their nutty parents. Above all, you'll marvel at the way Robison overcame the restrictions of Asperger's to gain the connection he always craved: as a husband and father.

Autism Connect 

Autism Connect is an online social network for people with autism and their families. This is the place to meet new people, make friends and find support within the autism community. This website also allows you to download resources that they have written and developed.

Carers Australia 

This website is great to refer families too, as well as having a look around for yourself. There is great resources and information avaliable for our wonderful families!!

Triple P

This is another great program to be aware of, again using the idea of time and positive praise.  Link is to the parenting page - there is a professional page as well!!

Umbrella Network 

This is a great organisation that helps families in Central Queensland. Great information on the website and through their facebook page, with knowledge of funding options. A great place for parents to support parents.

1 2 3 Magic

This is a great parenting program to take a look at as well as referring parents too. The program helps parents to understand the idea of waiting and developing patience in times of stress.

Our Children 

This is a great app to help parents who are going through separation but still want to co-parent. This app has a fee, but they have done a great job and encompasses all relationships.