Gross Motor

Gross motor starts developing right from when we are born. Gross motor relates to all the BIG body movements our body does. These are walking, running, jumping, climbing and crawling. Fine motor relates to smaller movements our body does!  

Some kids have high or low tone (their muscles may be to tight or to floppy) that can impact their gross motor, and some kids just havent had a change to practice their skills!! 

Some more information on Gross Motor Skills is listed below.  

gross motor

Ready to find out more?

Click here for our information sheet on gross motor skills for parents!

Sense Rugby 

This is a great program offered in NSW that is all about combining rugby skills and occupational therapy!!! If you are in their region I would recommend touching base with them and getting on the waiting list for the next program!!

Sparkle Box 

Sparlkebox offers a wide range of free printable teaching resources as well as books, CD’s and other resources for purchase. This is a link to their gross motor section!!


This is an app I use all the time! It has lovely videos that show the action that is required and also great visuals of the animals as well!! I have on occasion screen shotted the impages and had them as hard copies if the ipad was no avaliable! Great for teaching relaxation skills!

PE Central 

This is a great website that has loads of ways to adjust and grade PE for teachers. Great to be aware of and to help our kids be more active.