Where do we get good information sheets? 

Online there are lots of good information sheets available on lots of topics. However, they can sometimes be hard to locate. Simple and easy to read information sheets are what we strive for. 

Information on Information Sheets is listed below.  


Ready to find out more?

We have a whole range of Information Sheets available on our Teachers pay Teachers site! Take a look!

Look Hear Australia - Information Sheets  

We have created some single page information sheets that are easy to read! Take a look - there are some free ones on our teachers pay teachers site!!


A great USA based website with lots of info sheets on typical childhood development. Info sheets come in many languages so if you are working with families who are the culturally diverse, this is a great website to check out. 

Developmental Occupational Therapy (WA)

A great website to be aware of - lots of great OT information as well and AWESOME information sheets in on play and how to engage children - lovely pictures! A personal favourite and an inspriation for easy, accessible information! 

Easy Read Health Wales 

The national body for easy read information sheets in Wales. These resources are easy to ready and have visual supports. The info sheets range from medications to mental health diagnoses and how to cope. 

Easy Health  UK 

A great website with lots of easy to read information sheets on a range of health topics. This link is to their library of information sheets. 

The Family Advice and Information Resource

FAIR produces a range of free information guides for people with learning disabilities, carers and professionals. Based in Edinburgh, these resources are updated every year.

Great Ormond Street Hospital 

A great website with lots of easy to read information sheets on a range of health topics for children. Topics range from preparing children for hospital to leaving hospital. 

Widget Health 

Widget Health provides a range of materials for individuals, general first aiders and medical professionals. They use graphics and symbols to aid communication and understanding in a variety of settings - from home to hospitals.

Welsh Ambulance Service 

A great website with lots of easy to read information sheets on what to do in an emergency or if someone needs help. 

Sydney Children's Hospital Network

A large number of awesome and detailed facts sheets on everything!!! Medications to diagnoses to procedures.