iPads and Tablets


Ipads and Tablets are a great way to develop and learn skills. But with so many apps out there, how do you know where to start looking??

What makes a good app or program? Take a look at some of our favourites below.

Information on iPads and apps is listed below.  


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Our FREE iPad list is available at our Teachers Pay Teachers store, as well as our ONE PAGE information sheet on 'How to manage iPad and Tablets' (for a bargain price of only $2.50!!)

FREE iPad List from Look Hear Australia

Our Free iPad list that is on our Teachers Pay Teachers account. Free down load - just sign in to your Teachers Pay Teachers account.

Mr Angry Ant

Mr Angry Ant! This is an excellent application (for iPad) targeting anger, which includes a whole curriculum! Free downloads for teachers and parents!

Toca Boca

Really fun games that are well made. There is a cost, but worth it we reckon! Lots of daily activity-based apps - eating, going to the doctor and many more!!

Touch Autism 

These apps are great!! Visual with excellent stories and timers. They are usually at a price, but keep a look out for free versions. The story about feelings and emotions is a favourite!!

Choice Works

This one of our favourites for managing emotions and working out options. Parents and therapists can save, email and print the options as well!! You can also take photos of the child’s favourite things as rewards or options, very cool, and well worth the price.

Model Me Kids 

A great resource to be aware of! This is an app about how to go places. We know video modelling is a great way to help kids to understand what is expected when we are in new environments or locations. 

Super Fun Deck

There are quite a few Super Fun Deck decks. One, "What is Being Said," is great for getting kids to develop spontaneous conversation and look at visual clues in the picture. This also encourages imagination – very fun to see the kids answers.

There are flash cards as well as iPad apps.

I touch I Learn Apps

Great apps with both free and paid versions. They are useful in developing routines, for example the steps needed throughout the morning (get up, wash face, get dressed etc.).

iM Social Apps 

The iModeling app is based on the research into video modeling conducted by Autism SA and the Disability Research Unit at the University of Adelaide. Video modeling is an evidence-based intervention which uses video to teach skills to children with autism and other disabilities. It can be used to teach skills to people of any developmental level.


Excellent daily living sequences (brushing teeth, going to the toilet, etc.) which have puzzle’s and different levels. Very good for sequences or children who are missing steps.

Our Pact

This app is to help parents manage their children's internet access and apply blocks and limits to screen and internet time. Well worth a look if this is a problem in your household!