What is Occupational Therapy? How do we explain it to kids and families?

Basically, Occupational Therapy helps your child to DO the things they need and want to do. Children need to play, learn and develop self care skills (toileting, brushing teeth and hair etc). 

Occupational Therapists will work with everyone in your child's team to help get some great outcomes for your child! 

Information on Occupational Therapy is listed below.  

Occupational Therapy


Another research based webpage for the OT's in the family!! 

Developmental Occupational Therapy (WA)

A great website to be aware of! A variety of great OT information as well and AWESOME information sheets on play and how to engage children. A personal favourite and an inspriation for easy, assessaible information! 

Occupational Therapy Australia

The national body representing OT within Australia. OT Aus offers great Professional Development (online and face to face) as well as position papers and guidelines! I would recommend all OT's in Australia to be members! 

OT Seeker

A great website with lots of research and systematic reviews!!  All OT based research! 

Your Therapy Source

A great website to be aware of - lots of great OT information and free stuff!! Great lists of links and information for those working in paedatrics.

Occupational Therapy Board of Australia 

The governing body of Occupational Therapists in Australia. 


The World Federation of OT. Great info on what OT is doing internationally, and includes information on projects and jobs that are available. Also check out the resource centre!!