What is Sensory Processing?

Sensory Processing is an important part of everyone's life. 

It is also super important to explain sensory porcessing in a way that suits the families we are treating (which can sometimes be harder than it sounds). 

Sensory processing relates to the information our body gets (from inside and outside) and helps us to make sense of the world around us. There are 7 senses; sight, taste, sound, touch, smell, balance and movement.   

Some kids have high or low thresholds for information which can impact their emotions, behaviour and sometimes development.  

Information on Sensory Processing is listed below.  

sensory processing

Ready to find out more?

Our simple one pager explaining Sensory Processing can be found here!

Sense Abilities 

Sense Abilities is committed to the provision of equipment and resources designed to assist with the sensory motor development of children. It provide supplies for parents, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Teachers and other allied health professionals.

Sensory Tools

Sensory Tools offers leading-edge treatment courses and products that specifically address issues associated with Sensory Processing, Autism, Asperger’s, ADD/ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Behavioural and other Developmental Challenges.

One Place for Special Needs 

This is a blog and resource centre which is good to direct families to, as well as have a look around for yourself!  This is a link to their sensory processing section!

Sensory Treat

Sensory Treat is a personal favorite! It is a paid service, but it really helps families to seamlessly incorporate therapy into everyday life. There are also magnets avaliable.

Sensory Matters 

Sensory Matters is a wonderful wesbite with lots of great tools that can help out all of our sensory seekers and avoiders. If you have any questions, I would recommend talking to Julie - she is a super experienced OT and loves the sesnory aspect of our kidlets!

My Diffability Australia

My Diffability Australia provides resources and special needs toys for children, adolescents and adults, including those with issues and differences in areas like speech, communication, sensory processing, and social, gross and fine motor skills. The products are grouped together according to the skills they best help develop.

Moo Doh for Kidz

This stuff is awesome!!! Mouldable aromatherapy resources to use with kids. It is recommended that care be taken when using it with kids with allergies or any children who have PICA tendancies. Great for parents and siblings though!

Lemon Lime Adventures

Some great ideas for sensory breaks!!