Toileting is a tricky skill to learn! A child has to have sufficient fine and gross motor skills (to stabalise themselves and to get the toilet paper), as well as understanding, communication, body awareness, timing and the list goes on!!  

Some kids take longer to learn toileting, or seem to have difficulty learning these skills "naturally." These children may need to be taught these skills. For parents - talk to your Occupational Therapist as well, as they can help!! 

Information on Toileting is listed below.  


Toilet Time

Toilet Time is a resource for health professionals and educators. It is used when conducting workshops or developing individual programs for parents/carers who are toilet training young children with developmental delays.

Resources include checklists, resource sheets, visual cue cards, story books, parent/carer booklets and a CD with PowerPoints and overhead presentations.

Victoria Continence Resource Centre 

This website has great resources and information to help with toilet training. It contains easy to read information ideal for parents.

One Place for Special Needs 

This is a blog and resource centre to direct families too as well as have a look around for yourself!  This link is for their toileting page with lots of great links!

Therapy Store

This site has a great variety of awesome merchandise, but this a link to their "wee targets" page. A great idea for those children who need something to aim at!!


This is a contience charity based in the UK, and provides lots of great information and resources. The link is to their free information zone with downloadable resources.

Pee and Poo

The Pee&Poo brand was established in late 2004, in Stockholm, Sweden.  The brand aims to marry both aesthetic appeal and educational elements, and has become a success among children an adults alike. It provides a comfort for children who have difficulty with toileting.