Why we are an Amazon Affiliate….


Everyone loves Amazon! And we do too! Honestly, I use it weekly – if its for research, buying bits for the family or adding birthday ideas to wish lists. Its a part of daily life and was SO HELPFUL during Covid lockdowns!

Why is LHA an Amazon Affiliate?

We are Amazon Affiliate Marketers, meaning we can link to a product directly from Amazon, and if someone buys it, we get a percentage of that purchase.

* As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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  • Helps us keep our overall costs down
  • Helps us run the website for free
  • If you are ready to buy immediately – it is easy, especially if you use Amazon already!


  • If you are ready to purchase one of the products or books we recommend, you can just click on the Amazon link and it will take you directly to Amazon.Then purchase the item, and wait for it to arrive.
  • At the end of every month, Amazon send us a small kick back from the people we have referred.


  • At LHA we are still only recommending items and books that we or our collaborators have had direct personal experience with. LHA promises we will never be bombarding you with “buy this here now!” from Amazon.
  • Also it makes it easy for parents and professionals as they can add to their basket immediately, after reading about it on LHA.

Further information

You can find more about Amazon Marketing here.

We also discuss this more in our privacy policy.

Check out our blog post on how we choose the websites we feature here.

Tara is a Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, currently based in Berkshire. She has extensive experience working with children who have individual, additional and complex needs. She has a detailed understanding of early intervention, trauma, trans-disciplinary working, autism, sensory processing, as well as the importance of meaningful occupation.

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