Look Hear Australia is a Private Practice and Allied Health Resource Library which assists children with individual, additional and complex needs.  

Look Hear Australia stands for Library of Online Knowledge for Health and Education Professionals (Australia). 


Look Hear Australia (Aus) & Look Hear Global (UK) aims to:

  • Create an international community of resources, websites, training and information for parents and professionals working with children who have individual, additional and complex needs.
  • Develop a private practice that delivers high quality, best practice services and therapies to children, their families and support networks. We aim to provide an individual, bespoke service that has a foundation in international research, resources and community.eta name="google-site-verification" content="hIcNnFtCuz8biKyB5iVdUrICTiA0Lp673YZfLFIEYFw" />

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"The resources listed on this website have been pulled together by a range of contributors including allied health professionals, teachers and parents."

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Guest Post! Over Coming Adversity – The Complex World of Autism and PANS

By Sonia Hartwig | April 15, 2019

E’s Journey: The Complex World of Autism and PANS E was diagnosed with autism at 2.5 years. E developed a complex Motor Movement Disorder and Tourette like symptons at 5 years. Intellectual disability followed. My Journey: When at high school many years ago, I always remember an English Assessment being “Overcoming Adversity”. At the time…

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Sleep Week 2019! How to promote sleep in my child?

By Tara Rossow | March 15, 2019

Why is Sleep important? Sleep is just as important as food, shelter and safety. It allows the brain to recharge and the body to regenerate. Healthy sleep allows people to function at optimal alertness. Healthy sleep requires: Sufficient amount (time) Uninterrupted (quality) Natural sleep cycle (circadian rhythm) Age-appropriate naps Children need sleep to be able…

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Child Mental Health Week 2019: Using Sensory Processing to look after my Mental Health  

By Tara Rossow | February 14, 2019

Topic: How can I use my senses and sensory processing to look after my mental health? Why: According to Sutton and Nicholson (2011), sensory-based treatment has been identified as an effective treatment approach for clients who are distressed, anxious, agitated, or potentially aggressive and as an alternative for more coercive actions; they also determined that…

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Liena – Hope for Boro Village

By Tara Rossow | January 14, 2019

Whilst in Botswana, we met a young girl named Leina. Leina is 3 years old who lives in a small village in the Okavango Delta with her parents, grandparents and siblings. She was initially introduced to us as “the disabled child of the village” as she was unable to walk due to what appeared to…

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How we choose the websites we feature….

By Tara Rossow | January 10, 2019

Topic How we choose the websites we feature Why: It is important for us to be transparent about how we are choosing our websites – it’s also important for our community to know how we do this. How: There are several key things we ask ourselves when we chose a website. They can been seen…

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Our How and Why – The Reasons Behind an Online Library

By Tara Rossow | January 4, 2019

Topic: The reasons behind an online library – Why Look Hear Australia?  Why did you start LHA? I want it to be a long-term resource that I can use for my therapy, so I don’t have to send stuff to families or create things for families all the time. I want to empower families to…

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Parents: What is the difference between a melt down and a tantrum?

By Tara Rossow | December 15, 2018

What is the difference between a meltdown and a tantrum? This is a tricky question! Every child has tantrums – it is actually an important part of typical development. Children with disabilities can sometimes have meltdowns; a full “computer shut down and restart”. This can happen for many reasons that can be sensory-, communication- or…

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Why we are an Amazon Affiliate….

By Tara Rossow | December 3, 2018

TOPIC: Everyone loves Amazon! And we do too! Why is LHA an Amazon Affiliate? We are Amazon Affiliate Marketers, meaning we can link to a product directly from Amazon, and if someone buys it, we get a percentage of that purchase. WHY: Helps us keep our costs down Helps us run the website for free…

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Psychology Week 2018! Five of the Most Common Questions Clinical Psychologists get asked!

By Tim Rossow | November 15, 2018

TOPIC: What are some of the most common questions Clinical Psychologists get asked? Q:  How long will treatment take? A: Treatment depends on the age of the child, their presentation and type of therapy they are engaging in. Typically therapy would start with 6 sessions, after which there would be a review of the childs’…

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App Review: Why we love Theratrak!

By Tara Rossow | November 6, 2018

TOPIC: Why we love Theratrak! We have been lucky enough to know Laura Simmons from Theratrak since the beta stages of the app. She has worked incredibly hard to develop an app focused on easy, user friendly home programs for parents and professionals; and I must say, she has done a stella job. Laura is…

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