Look Hear Australia is a Private Practice and Online Toolkit which aims to assist children with individual, additional and complex needs.  

Look Hear Australia stands for Library of Online Knowledge for Health and Education Professionals (Australia). 

Look Hear Australia (Aus) & Look Hear Global (UK) aims to:

  • Create an international community of resources, websites, training and information for parents and professionals working with children who have individual, additional and complex needs


"The resources listed on this website have been pulled together by a range of contributors including allied health professionals, teachers and parents."

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Lets talk sleep promoting routines!

By Tara Rossow | June 16, 2024

Why is Sleep important? Sleep is just as important as food, shelter and safety. It allows the brain to recharge and the body to regenerate. Healthy sleep allows people to function at optimal alertness. Healthy sleep requires: Children need sleep to be able to: I know you know this! The next question is how to…

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Homes for Ukraine – How Else to Help

By Tara Rossow | March 28, 2022

Many families around Europe are supporting by offering their homes for Ukrainian refugees. Many are wondering – what else/ what other support is needed? We have done some brief research and list it below. This is not an exhaustive list, and please refer to your local authority/country/ government regarding specific support in your country, and…

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Communication Boards for Ukrainian Refugees

By Alejandra Galvez | March 2, 2022

We have created a one page communication boards (general and medical needs) to help refugees communicate their basic needs. This was designed with people with additional needs in mind, who may not have access to their communication board or systems, however can support communication for anyone. If further are needed, please let us know and…

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Guest Post: How Corona Lockdown is Effecting Me – An OT Student with #NotSoTerriblePalsy

By Georgia Vine | April 7, 2020

This week we are all still in #lockdown due to #covid19. Tim and I are busy working for the NHS #stayathomesavelives #protecttheNHS mostly from home. We are fortunate enough to welcome Georgia – an OT student completing a virtual placement with Mararget Spencer from OT360. Georgia is talking to us about what she is doing…

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Psychology for My Child

By Tim Rossow | January 15, 2020

TOPIC: Psychology for my child. WHY: Psychology is a broad topic, and there are different psychologists who work in different areas. When working with children, psychologists usually are involved in the following ways: Supporting young people with mental health concerns Assisting young people to develop strategies to manage challenging behaviour Assessing children for behaviour, mental…

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