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Look Hear Australia is a library of Allied Health resources designed to assist families and professionals of children with individual, additional and complex needs. Look Hear Australia stands for Library of Online Knowledge for Health and Education Profressionals (Australia).

about us

The goal of Look Hear Australia is to gather resources, websites and information in "one place" which professionals and parents can access when working with children with complex or additional needs.

The internet is a BIG place! The aim of Look Hear Australia is to bring together some of the wonderful resources that are already available to parents, professionals and families!


The additional aim of Look Hear Australia is to show how easy it is to modify your workplace, classroom or home for children and adults with additional needs. We have also developed a number of resources that are available for purchase in our shop.

Who are the people behind Look Hear Australia you ask?

That would be Tara Whiteford and Tim Rossow, an Occupational Therapist-Psychologist couple who found themselves thinking “wouldn’t it be great if everything was in one place”.  After much deliberation, the idea of Look Hear was born.


Tara Whiteford - Founder/Owner

Registered Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Tara was born overseas and moved to Australia when she was 12.  She always knew she would do something in health, but could never put her finger on what the most suited role for her was.  After much research, Occupational Therapy seemed like a good fit, and she enrolled after high school at James Cook University in Townsville.

After completing her studies she moved to Rockhampton, Qld, for her first job working with children with Autism. She has since had several other roles within Rockhampton, and she met Tim along her travels.

Tara is passionate about resources and “making it easy” for children and their families, and this is a key driver for Look Hear Australia.


Tim Rossow - Founder/Owner

Registered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist

Tim was born in Brisbane and travelled a lot with his family in his youth. After graduating from Iona College in 2007, Tim was accepted into a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland.

After finishing his degree he moved to Rockhampton for his first job.

After several years in Rockhampton he embarked on further study, enrolling in a Master of Clinical Psychology degree at Central Queensland University, which he completed in 2016.  During this study, he met Tara and they have been together ever since.

Tim brings a innovative, research based and business minded approach to Look Hear Australia.

Tim and Tara are currently based in London, expanding their knowledge base and skill set.

Tim is working at Child and Adolescence Mental Health in their Learning Disabilities and Neurodevelopmental team in South East London.

Tara is currently working at Whole Child Therapy, in a multidisciplinary team, completing specialist, clinical and school based roles.


We have a wonderful team of Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Teachers, Web Designers, Illustrators, and Mums and Dad's behind the scenes at Look Hear Australia, constantly updating and improving our site.

"We are a group that are passionate about making things easy for each other as professionals, as well as the families we treat."

We are also want to demonstrate that it is "not hard to make it easy", meaning that it is not difficult making language simple, information accessible and adding visuals to services and therapy to make life easier for everyone.

We are starting in our back yard, rural and remote Australia. 

rural and remote practice
Occupational Therapy
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A big thank you to our contributors!