Look Hear Ipad & Tablet Management Ideas

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With the recent new WHO guidelines coming out relating to screen time recommendations for children and toddlers; we thought it would be good to share some of our iPad tips.

Ipads and tablets can be huge problems in families or a huge help. For some families there can be tantrums and many arguments over screen times; for others it can be a huge help when used as novelties.

With technology constantly changing and becoming more and more embedded in our lives, and children being able to use Alexa to order many-an-item online, as adults we need to try and stay one step ahead.

As parents, we know that sometimes you just need that few minutes to get dinner on, go to the loo or just breathe! We try to have set boundaries about when we use screen time and always start it with an end point e.g. “after 1-2 episodes Bluey is finished”. We – hand on heart – are not always successful in this but like all parents, we try!

Here are some of our key tips to try and keep ahead.

Look Hear Ipad & Tablet Management Ideas

  • Refer to the Ipad/Tablet as yours. It belongs to you and not the child!
  • Try to mostly have educational applications on the Ipad/tablet. Consider setting up things like ‘guided access’ and ‘parental controls’, especially if the tablet is going to be connected to the internet.
  • Play the iPad/ Tablet with your child, make it an a social and interactive experience.
  • Get a quality case – cases like Griffin*, Life Proof and Pelican* are all good places to start as they are made to be super tough!
  • Manage how much time your child has on the Ipad/Tablet, review the guidelines above – general rules are :
    • Children aged 1 and under – no screen time.
    • Children aged 2 years – no more than 1 hour per day (but less is better; and should involve an adult sharing the experience).
    • Children aged 2-3 – no more than 1 hour per day (but less is best; and should involve an adult sharing the experience).

You can purchase our information sheet with more information here.

Of course these are guidelines – and our tips, working out what works for your family and ensuring there is a balance with screen time, movement, free play and connection time with parents!

Check out our blog post from Farrah Rosier, from Parents Day 2019 with her most recommended apps for new parents! We also recently reviewed Theratrak App – which is designed for therapists!

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Tara is a Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, currently based in Berkshire. She has extensive experience working with children who have individual, additional and complex needs. She has a detailed understanding of early intervention, trauma, trans-disciplinary working, autism, sensory processing, as well as the importance of meaningful occupation.

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