How we choose the websites we feature….

Topic How we choose the websites we feature Why: It is important for us to be transparent about how we are choosing our websites – it’s also important for our community to know how we do this. How There are several key things we ask ourselves, they can been seen in chart here: The first…

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Why we are an Amazon Affiliate….

TOPIC: Everyone loves Amazon! And we do too!   Why is LHA an Amazon Affiliate? We are Amazon Affiliate Marketers, meaning we can link to product directly from Amazon, and if someone buys it we get a percentage  of that purchase. WHY: Helps us keep out costs down Helps us run the website for free…

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App Review: Why we love Theratrak!

TOPIC: We have been lucky enough to know Laura Simmons from Theratrak since the beta stages of the app. She has worked incredibly hard to develop an app focused on easy, user friendly home programs for parents and professionals; and I must say, she has done a Stella job. Laura is going to change the…

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