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GUEST POST: What is Occupational Therapy?

TOPIC: “So…what is Occupational Therapy?” WHAT: Don’t worry if you find yourself asking this question when you first meet an Occupational Therapist (or even several times afterwards!). Believe me – we understand! Our job title can be hard to understand from our name alone. Let us provide some clarity… Occupational Therapy is an allied healthcare…

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OT Week 2018 – What is Look Hear Australia?

What is Look Hear Australia Look Hear Australia (LHA) is a library of online resources for allied health and education professionals. It was developed by a group of allied health and education professionals in rural and remote Australia. Thousands of clinicians are creating millions of resources every year for children with complex and additional needs.…

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Bullying Prevention Month 2018 – Repost! Bullying – What is the evidence?

BULLYING – WHAT DOES THE EVIDENCE SAY? Bullying can be defined as a subcategory of interpersonal aggression characterized by intentionality, repetition, and an imbalance of power, often with the element of abuse of power being a primary distinction between bullying and other forms of aggression (Smith & Morita, 1999; Vaillancourt, Hymel, & McDougall, 2003). Bullying…

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