What is normal sleep?

 This is a hard one - what is normal sleep? What are normal habits? How can I adjust my childs sleeping habits? 

These are questions lots of professionals get asked a lot! Sleep is hard because everyone needs different amounts and we all get varying quality as well. 

Some more information on Sleep is listed below.  


Check out our information on sleep here!

This is a link to our Teachers Pay Teachers information sheet on sleep and why it is important!


Sleepwise—A Resource Manual is a valuable resource for allied health workers supporting the families/carers of young children (under six) with developmental delay. It outlines a comprehensive approach to supporting children's sleep, including individual sleep plans and family support.

NHS - Childrens Sleep Page 

This website has lots of great links to a various ages and what to expect with sleep, as well as great tips and reasons why your child may be tired. 

The Sleep Council

Established since 1995, The Sleep Council is an impartial organisation that looks at how you can adopt healthier sleep habits and focuses on raising awareness of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing.

They also provide helpful advice and tips on how to improve sleep quality from children, teens through to adults and how to create the perfect sleep environment.

Raising Children's Network - Sleep

A great website with lots of information about typical children's development. This link is to their page related to sleep issues in children that have Autism.