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Psychology for My Child

TOPIC: Psychology for my child. WHY: Psychology is a broad topic, and there are different psychologists who work in different areas. When working with children, psychologists usually are involved in the following ways: Supporting young people with mental health concerns Assisting young people to develop strategies to manage challenging behaviour Assessing children for behaviour, mental…

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Children with additional needs accessing hospitals – What does the evidence say?

WHAT DOES THE EVIDENCE SAY? Children with additional needs accessing hospital and emergency departments.  Through each developmental stage, children interpret, comprehend, and process the world in a variety of different ways. Children and adolescents having to be treated in hospital, especially children with additional needs, can find the experience of being poked and prodded by…

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Bullying – What is the evidence?

BULLYING – WHAT DOES THE EVIDENCE SAY? Bullying can be defined as a subcategory of interpersonal aggression characterized by intentionality, repetition, and an imbalance of power, often with the element of abuse of power being a primary distinction between bullying and other forms of aggression (Smith & Morita, 1999; Vaillancourt, Hymel, & McDougall, 2003). Bullying…

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