Parents Day 2019 – Top 5 Apps for new Mums and Dads!!

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This month we have a guest post!! Farrah is a writer, millennial, and single mother of two – one living daughter, and one son not. She had both children while attending university, and is now studying a Masters degree. She frankly details life, pregnancy and parenting after the loss of a child, on her blog and Instagram. Today she has provided her top app picks for Mums and Dad for us!

You can find her website here!

The fact of the matter is that technology has very much taken over our lives. If there’s not an app for it, I grumble. I don’t remember the last time I used my bank card other than out of sheer necessity when the shop hasn’t caught up with the times. Rail cards? They’re digital now. Everything is done in the realms of the web these days.

So, as with the rest of life: Motherhood? There’s an app for that!

Here are my top 5 Apps for new Mums and Dads!

Tinder isn’t very mum friendly. That’s just a fact. And okay, Bumble has a friend’s side, but nobody truly understands the need to go to a cafe with a soft play and quietly pretend that that child isn’t yours like another mum does.

Nobody else can understand the organised chaos that parenting is, like another mum. You will find that when you go through particular life events your friends who have not yet reached that point will start to slip away. Married? Single friends tend to fall a little by the wayside, the fault of all parties. So check it out! Made by women for women, I met one of my good mum friends on it.

apps new mums dads

Kidadl / Hoop – these two apps are quite similar, and you’d be forgiven for having heard of Hoop and not of Kidadl.

What Kidadl has that Hoop has not, though, is a section on free stuff, and who doesn’t love free stuff? So if you’re lacking in things to do with your offspring, whether they’re 6 weeks or 6 years, you’ll find something on either of these apps. They both pretty much have the same content when it comes to activities.

apps new mums dads

It’s supposed to help babies sleep, but frankly it helps ME sleep. Can’t go wrong with that. There’s various different sounds from Air Conditioner to Frogs At Night (these two are right next to each other and there has been times where I’ve accidentally pressed “next” and in my half-asleep daze wondered where the frogs were). There’s a free version and a paid version.

A week by week breakdown  of baby’s leaps in the first year. Handy at explaining those grouchy behaviours when it seems like nothing you do is working. It’s based on due date and generally fits the bill, of course it’s not one size fits all but nothing ever is.

apps new for mums and dads

Feed Baby – the paid version. Everything to do with your baby in one app. Weight, feeds, immunisations, baths, medicines, the lot. Very useful in the first months where having an accurate record of feeds and nappies was like the holy grail. Same with medicines – only 4 doses in 24 hours? When was the last Calpol? Forgotten are the days of “when did I last…..the baby?”.  I used it religiously for around six months, tracking every nappy, feed, and sleep.

Apps a great way to help us with everything from parenting to play; what are your favourite apps?? Check out our top apps here!

Farrah @SomethingRosier

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