Social Skills

Social skills can be tricky to learn! No one ever explicitly told you to leave a seat spare when you sit next to someone at the movies, or that it is not okay to ask how old someone is - you just 'know'. 

Some kids don't learn these skills "naturally". They find it difficult to learn from the world around them, and need to be taught these skills. There are lots of great programs and resources out there!

Information on Social Skills is listed below.  

social skills

Secret Agent Society 

This is a great program! It requires training, however it is well worth the cost! The kit is full of cool looking items - perfect for this age group!!

Social Thinking

This site has so many great programs!!! Super flex, you are a social detective, thinking about you - thinking about me, just to name a few!!!!

Talk About Me 

Designed specifically for children, including those with special needs, this practical resource set is packed with activities and games for developing self-awareness, social skills, friendship skills and many others.

I use these worksheets as a full set, as well as just pulling out the things I need for various sessions! Comes with CD's and print outs too - well worth a look!! 

Playtime with Zeebu

Playtime with Zeebu activity books help children understand social rules for games, regulate emotions, improve social awareness and much more. This series includes “Play Power”, “Keeping Calm”, “Eye Power Volume One” and “Eye Power Volume Two”. 

Super Duper Publications

Super Duper Publications provides a wide range of fun learning materials available on their website. Materials include books which are available in both hard copy, card deck and CD form. These books help students learn a wide range of social skills needed in varying social settings. There is a social skills session series for younger children as well as a series for adolescents.