Hi everyone, Tim here. I’ve been in Montreal last week at the International Society of Autism Researchers (INSAR) annual conference. This conference brings autism researchers from around the world together to discuss and share the leading research into the autism spectrum.

Highlights from Day 3:

Transitioning into adulthood

Are healthcare providers ready to transition ASD teens to adulthood:

Lisa Croen discussed research into clinical providers in California and their ability to support teens transitioning into adulthood.

Sex differences in health outcomes:

Julie Taylor discussed sex differences in ASD health outcomes, particularly in transition time points.

You can read more of Julie’s research here.

So much Science and Research over the last 3 days!

Take home message:

Services are often underfunded in supporting ASD teens transitioning to adulthood, and this group is often underserved. Ongoing research is required to provide input to governments and service providers on best practice for transitioning teens.

Also while at INSAR I have discovered so many other great resources, which we have listed below.

  • Bostons Children’s Hospital
    • Wonderful stories on going into hospital and what to expect for those who need some preparation. We will be adding this to our resource page for Hospital and Emergency!
  • Molehill Mountain
    • This was a new discovery for Look Hear from INSAR, we are yet to test it our selves but it looks awesome!
  • Boston Medical Centre
    • This Centre has bucket loads of resources available, and are well thought out and visually pleasing. Also has information helpful for siblings too!
  • Autism CRC
    • This is an Australian website that has loads of links to Universities throughout Australia and NZ, as well as lots of programs and resources available (we have done the Secret Agent Society Training and would recommend!!)
Happy Days! We hope you enjoyed our reflections on the INSAR Conference 2019!!



Tim is a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist, currently based in London. He has extensive experience working with a children and teenagers with individual, additional and complex needs. He has a detailed understanding of challenging behaviours and enjoys direct treatment, multi disciplinary team work, family coaching and systemic intervention and training. He as a passion for research and plans to complete a PHD in the future.

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