How we choose the websites we feature….


How we choose the websites we feature


It is important for us to be transparent about how we are choosing our websites – it’s also important for our community to know how we do this.


There are several key things we ask ourselves, they can been seen in chart here:

The first thing is that we had to have personal experience with the website or product. That could be us as a LHA team or any of our contributors has used it. It has to be a resource that either ourselves as a team or our contributors have used, read, trialed first hand, as well as something that we think will be useful to other families or professionals.  

We want to ensure the resources are evidence based, however we also know there are lots of treatments and services that have less of an evidence that have worked for others. We want to feature them but of course we are always transparent. This could be around the limited evidence or that we advise caution when looking into those resources – however we don’t want to discount them completely.

We of course we will never be taking money to have websites featured on our page – we make our money in other ways (namely treating children face to face – also Amazon Affiliate marketing etc), and LHA is not a paid library (and never will be).




Tara is a Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist, currently based in London. She has extensive experience working with children who have individual, additional and complex needs. She has a detailed understanding of early intervention, autism and sensory processing, as well as the importance of meaningful occupation. She enjoys working in a multi display team and would like to complete a Masters in Paediatrics in the future.

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