Our How and Why – The Reasons Behind an Online Library

Topic: The reasons behind an online library – Why Look Hear Australia? 

Why did you start LHA?

I want it to be a long-term resource that I can use for my therapy, so I don’t have to send stuff to families or create things for families all the time. I want to empower families to do that for themselves and I want these resources to be available for therapists who are time poor.

How did you decide on a blog/website?

I also want it to be online or cloud so I don’t have to have all these resources on my computer – I can have an iPad or tablet for work, as then all the resources are available to me wherever I am.

Who are you writing a blog for?

Myself, other professionals and families. I am writing it and hosting it so it is a place for parents and professionals to get bite-sized, high quality information and then be able to point them in the right direction for more (expert) information.  

What types of values and beliefs do your audience have?

    • Professionals; valuing the child and family as unit and being family-centred.
    • Parents and Professionals; a want for high quality information that is easy to read and understand.
    • Parents; curious about their child and wanting to know more.

Who are your audience?

    • Parents
    • Professionals – Allied Health
    • Teachers
    • The wider community

What style of Blog did you want?


    • Easy to read
    • Simple and clear
    • Expert and evidence-based

Don’t want:

    • Wordy
    • Heavy
    • Hard to read
    • Selling things – pushy

Further information:

Find out more about us on our about us page here!

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