At Look Hear Australia we want to ensure our values, missions and goals are always front and centre of what we do.

We know how easy it can be to get distracted and wanted to make sure we remember WHY we started Look Hear Australia. 


Look Hear Australia is a Private Practice and Online Toolkit which assists children with individual, additional and complex needs.  

Look Hear Australia stands for Library of Online Knowledge for Health and Education Professionals (Australia). 

Look Hear Australia aims to:

  • Create an international community of resources, websites, training and information for parents and professionals working with children who have individual, additional and complex needs.
  • Develop a private practice that delivers high quality, best practice services and therapies to children, their families and support networks. We aim to provide an individual, bespoke service that has a foundation in international research, resources and community.
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Read through our collective bank of information and resources developed by professionals all over the world.


We want to build a community that brings experts and families together to make things easy for each other.


Save time searching and researching!  Find what you need easily.  It doesn't need to be hard!


We wanted to create long term online toolkit that can be used in therapy and family settings.

We wanted a resource that empowers families to search and discover high quality resources online for themselves.

We decided on online based toolkit so therapists and families can access anywhere, anytime.  

We aim to reduce the time parents and therapists spend searching online for high quality resources for their children. When parents and therapists have more time, children, families and therapists all benefit. 

We want a community and space for parents and professionals to get bite sized, high quality information. We want to point our users in the right direction for expert information.

We are building an online toolkit that is constantly updated by leading professionals in the field.

I wanted to create a toolkit that would reduce my time, be accessible for families and something that would be easy to update (not like a word doc or PDF).

A huge chunk of my time was being taking up sending and directing people to high quality resources and websites I had found online. I wanted to spend my time seeing children - not searching the internet! Tim agreed with me and the ball started rolling towards a project which is now LHA!

Tara Rossow, Co-Founder and Managing Director


Professionals that value the child and family as unit and are family centered.


Professionals who want to provide high quality services in an ever changing therapy landscape with increased time pressures. 

Parents and Professionals who work together for the best outcomes for their children.


Parents and Professionals who want access to high quality information that is easy to access, fast to read, reduces time, and is in friendly and simple language. 

Parents who are curious about their child, their needs and wanting to learn more from reputable sources. 

Parents that are passionate about searching and finding the right information and resources for their child, however are time poor. 


Service Provider

We want to provide the best possible therapists, systems, resources, technology, and training. Our goal is to create an international community of resources, websites, training and information for parents and professionals working with children with individual, additional and complex needs. We want to deliver high quality, best practice services and therapies to children and their families and support networks. We provide individual, bespoke services that have a foundation in international research, resources and community.  


We aim to create a international community of experts and families to help build a collective, responsive resources that benefits everyone. We want to develop a support, fair and inviting community and uphold our professional and personal values at all times. We aim to volunteer our time, support charities and fulfil our mission and values in everything we do. We aim to be environmentally responsible and advocate for the families and children we work with.  


We aim to purchase and source high quality, sustainable and reputable products and services at a fair price. We understand that other buisnesses and company need to make a fair profit. We use suppliers who provided excellent and reliable services, with consistent and timely delivery and value for money. In return, we work to develop an open and honest, mutually-rewarding long-term relationship that includes payment in full, on time.


We provide equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement and take actions that are considered just and ethical. We aim to attract, develop, support and grow a world-class team of professionals who share our mission and values and who are hard working individuals.  We seek people with personal integrity who are committed to personal care, clinical excellence, attention to detail, constant improvement and exceptional customer service.